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Aseptiquik SteamThru Connector

AseptiQuik® STC Connectors integrate the AseptiQuik® sterile connector and the Steam-Thru® II SIP connector, giving manufacturers even greater flexibility for hybrid stainless steel and single-use processing. The AseptiQuik STC connector combines either an AseptiQuik G or AseptiQuik C sterile connector with a Steam-Thru II connection that can be mounted directly to a stainless steel vessel via a sanitary termination. AseptiQuik STC connectors utilizing an AseptiQuik G sterile connector offer a genderless design, simplifying system integration at the aseptic connector end. AseptiQuik STC connectors utilizing an AseptiQuik C sterile connector allow system designers to incorporate a keyed female-to-male connection at the aseptic connector end. The union of the two connectors into a single unit through a sanitary clamp allows an AseptiQuik sterile connection to be steamed on to stainless equipment via SIP. After the SIP cycle, a wide range of single-use systems can be connected. The SIP process can be done in advance allowing a quick and easy sterile connection to the AseptiQuik half without having to wait 30-60 minutes for SIP prior to harvest.



Genderless design

Eases integration of single-use systems with one part number for both halves

Robust construction

Repeatable and reliable performance with no additional hardware required


Innovative three-step connection process reduces risk of operator error

Integrated pull tab covers

Pull tabs act as protective cover reducing part complexity

and ensure simultaneous removal of both membranes

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Audible confirmation of assembly


Steam position: Up to 35 psi, 2.4 bar
Flow position: Up to 20 psi, 1.4 bar


Steam position:
Up to 275°F (135°C) for 60 minutes
Flow position: 39°F to 104°F (4°C to 40°C)


Gamma: Up to 50kGy irradiation
AutoClave: High Temp (HT) version:
Up to 266°F (130°C) for 30 minutes (AQSTC)
Up to 266°F (130°C) for 60 minutes (AQGSTC)
Note: A slight clockwise rotation of the clamp nut may be needed after autoclave.



Main Components:     

 AseptiQuik - Polycarbonate (white), USP Class VI, ADCF
Steam-Thru II - Polysulfone (amber tint), USP Class VI, ADCF


Silicone (clear), platinum-cured, USP Class VI, ADCF

Pull Tabs:

Polycarbonate (blue, standard version), USP Class VI, ADCF
Polycarbonate (white, HT version), USP Class VI, ADCF


Polypropylene (clear), USP Class VI, ADCF


Polyethylene (standard version), USP Class VI, ADCF
Hydrophobic polyethersulfone (HT versions), USP Class VI, ADCF, PTFE strip sticker


Nylon 66 (white), USP Class VI