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Freeze Pak FP-Flex

FP-Flex Cold chain tubing and Freeze-Pak containers designed for cryogenic storage and transport applications enabling closed-system continuous processing.
• Tubing and containers tested and validated to -196°C
• FP-FLEX™ tubing compatible with other thermoplastic tubings
• Closed-system aseptic transfer via tube-to-tube connection
• Compatible with standard tube welding and sealing devices
• Compatible with industry used freezing/storage cassettes
• Reduces handling and seed train expansion steps

FP-FLEX™ tubing first of its kind - Thermoplastic tubing (1/4” x 1/8”)
Tubing unitized to the Freeze-Pak bag
Validated for use to LN2 (-196°C)
Compatible with standard welder/sealers
Multiple sizes/configurations

Final Container Biocompatibility Test Data (post-gamma irradiation)


Property   Test Protocol Typical Values
USP Class VI USP <88> Pass
Cytotoxicity USP <87>/ISO 10993-5 
Hemolysis ISO 10993-4

Single-Use Freezing Bag for Working Cell Banks Enabling Closed-System Processing to Temperatures as Low as -196°C

Enables Closed Processing

Reduce time to Scale Up