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Freeze-Pak STS

Charter Medical’s Freeze-Pak™ STS (FP-STS) Storage and Transport Solution Bio-Containers are designed for ultra-low temperature frozen storage and transport applications. FP-STS single-use containers offer robust performance to -80°C while the Freeze-Pak™ film itself is rated to temperatures as low as -196°C. FP-STS containers are suitable for long-term storage of cellular and non-cellular materials. The unique polyethylene port design offers port and tubing configuration flexibility and added low-temperature durability to support a wide variety of processing requirements. Additionally, the standard product offering can be customized for optimal process form, fit and function.

  • Durability for applications requiring storage to -80°C

  • Retains film flexibility while in a frozen state

  • Custom port and tubing configurations and chamber design

  • Single Web Film is a 12 mil polyolefin mono-layer

  • Freeze-Pak™ Film offers robust performance at temperatures as low as -196° C

  • Full Validation Package available


Film Physical Test Data (post-gamma irradiation)

Property Test Protocol       Value 
USP Class VI
USP <88>
ISO 10993-5
ISO 10993-4
Heavy Metals
USP <661>
Buffering Capacity
USP <661> Pass
Non-Volatile Residue  

USP <661>

Residue on Ignition
USP <661> Pass

  • Bioprocessing bulk intermediate and final fill products

  • Cell banking

  • Cellular Therapy

  • Regenerative Medicine