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FLASH® is a total protein visual test that rapidly detects protein residues left on food contact surfaces after cleaning. Protein is a difficult food residue to remove. Most allergens are proteins, so quick verification of surface hygiene helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination to allergen-free products. Using FLASH regularly also helps reduce the opportunity for biological contamination. FLASH is a perfect complement to LIGHTNING MVP ICON® ATP testing, which is a commonly used method for monitoring overall environmental hygiene.

  • As part of a HACCP allergen management program, FLASH supports process verification requirements that ensure cleaning methods, independently validated to effectively remove allergens, are consistently applied.
  • Used together with the LIGHTNING MVP ICON® for ATP testing, both can be incorporated into validated cleaning procedures (SSOPs) as part of a comprehensive and flexible HACCP management program.

  • Detects protein including “Big 8” food allergens
  • Rapid pass / fail result within 10 minutes
  • Single product, multi-sensitivity detection. (20 μg at room temp / 3 μg when incubated)
  • Simple online training available 24/7 with certification for audit compliance

FLASH is a self-contained sampling device containing a pre-moistened tip and all necessary reagents. One swab provides two sensitivity levels, allowing customers to choose the appropriate level based on application- or area-specific limits of detection for protein residue.