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The MVP ICON is the first system to provide true HACCP management capabilities. Featuring advanced photon counting sensor (PCS) technology, the MVP ICON provides superior accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility for ATP, pH, temperature, conductivity, and concentration

  • Ergonomically designed and light weight, its full-color touch-screen makes testing easy and efficient.
  • ICON Dashboard software offers at-a-glance performance metrics, powerful analytical tools, and presentation-ready reports to meet a range of information needs.
  • Dashboard widgets are customizable and provide immediate verification of performance indicators essential to the management of your HACCP program.

  • Sample plans organize multiple test points as a subset of data and create testing efficiencies
  • Re-test verification ensures test points with high ATP readings are re-cleaned and re-tested
  • Randomization of test points eliminates testing bias
  • Advanced data analysis software enables Quality Assurance managers to efficiently manage their HACCP and hygiene monitoring programs
  • Additional probes available for pH, temperature, and conductivity/concentration
  • Manual on-site calibration for all parameters satisfies HACCP and GMP requirements that all systems can be calibrated and documented

MVP ICON is a pioneering system that measures and records ATP as well as other key HACCP parameters AND provides new management tools to ensure your program’s success