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SS Overbraided PTFE Hose

Stainless steel overbraided PTFE hose is constructed of virgin material with a 304 stainless steel wire braid reinforcement jacket. The fluoropolymer core is inert and offers long flexural life, low permeability, nonflammability, and the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material. The stainless steel overbraid permits higher pressure uses, reduces the possibility of kinking, and generally protects the core. Optional silicone jacketing offers protection from high temperatures during handling and keeps the outer surface clean and smooth.

■ True Bore PTFE Smooth Core offers maximum flow; Convoluted Core offers excellent flow with enhanced flexibility

■ Stock sizes for True Bore Smooth Core: 1/4 in. through 1-1/2 in.; Convoluted Core: 1/2 in. through 3 in.

■ Excellent chemical compatibility

■ Resists moisture

■ Optional silicone jacketing makes stainless steel reinforced hose easier to handle by offering heat protection

■ Silicone jacketing also provides a smooth outer surface to eliminate particle entrapment for sanitary conditions

■ Hose liner meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1550, ISO 10993 Sections 5, 6, 10 and 11 and is made from USP Class VI compliant material

■ General temperature range: -100°F (-73.3°C) to 450°F (232.2°C)

■ Easily cleaned or sterilized by autoclave, steam, or detergent

■  Available in custom lenghts and sizes

■ Available in sizes from 0.250 inch to 1.500 inch